"PayPal Automatic EOT" switch flips off occassionally

I’m referring to Enable s2Member’s Auto-EOT System? on the PayPal Options/Automatic EOT Behavior Page/Tabs

I want it set to Yes/1 but it flips off to blank/unset and I don’t know why. Perhaps after updates?

Anyway it can lose money when people do not demote and stay on longer for free.

So I am wondering if the right fix for this would be to hard-wire it by putting this line in wp-config

define('ws_plugin__s2member_auto_eot_system_enabled', 1);

Thank you in advance.

I am assuming that you are saving after setting it…so…have you tried only enabling the S2 plugin and all others disabled to see if it makes a difference…also…the theme could possibly be conflicting…
Another possibility is that the browser is not updating as fast as it needs to…I came across this recently and only saw that I had made changes a couple of days later…

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Hi Tim.

Please see this article: https://s2member.com/kb-article/automatic-eot-system-option-goes-blank-why/