Paypa; question for recurring payment

Last week, a member wanted to pay with her credit card for the membership. When clicking on the purchase button on the pro-form, she was not offered the option, at Paypal, to pay using her credit card (she has that option when purchasing in my store). What I found out is that Paypal does not offer that option on recurring payments. So we set up a one-time payment for one year, which she will have to renew, manually, in a year. No big deal.

Today, I had an exchange with another member who had to make changes to her Paypal after her credit card was stolen. After she updated her info, the next payment still failed. She contacted Paypal who told her that "I no longer offered the option to pay through “check”. " But she was, until last month (when her card was stolen), able to pay that way, and I didn’t change anything on my end.

The question is, whether there is a particular setting that might have been changed in the last s2M update? or something I have to set manually? or that Paypal is wrong and THEY changed something?

Hi Carole.

I haven’t changed anything in s2Member that would cause that.

My guess is that it’s something on PayPal’s side: either a setting needs to be adjusted, or they changed something and that’s just how they do it now.

I suggest that you get in touch with PayPal and ask them what you need to ajust on your account, or what you can do, to get the behavior you expect/need, or at least understand what your options are exactly so you can adjust your approach without guessing.

I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer. :confused:

Subscription only work with credit card at paypal. If a user adds a new credit card - then he has to make it the primary card - else the subscription charge will fail. The user actively has to delete the old card.

As to paying via credit card on paypal without having a paypal account. This usually works for 1 time payments. However sometimes paypal does not offer the user this option - why is unclear and paypal will only tell you vague reasons for this.

Paying via check is a security option you need to enable - and only possible for paypal account holders. I’m not sure if good or not. About 50% of people who used that option never paid. There is no possibility in s2member to only activate the account once the check has arrived. You actually even have to cancel the users account as s2member ignores the message relating failed check payments on the IPN. (however at least in Europe I have maybe 1 out of 1000 users paying by check).

Paypal via paypal balance is what I recommend people not having a credit card, and also not wanting to offer paypal bank account access. So they first send a bank wire to paypal with the amount, then once arrived - they use it to pay for their account.

With PSD2 this will be much more important - as we still have no working stripe implementation. I can only recommend everyone to switch back to paypal buttons on the 14.09 - everything else if no PSD2 compliance is there with s2member - will result in many many disgruntled customers. Or if your technical - redirect all customers with EU IP address to a checkout page with only paypal buttons, and other users to the old checkout page.

What is PSD2?

Payment Services Directive 2 - by the EU. Comes into effect on the 14.09.2019 and will likely not only affect the European Union but quite a few other countries too that may just take over some of the rules too. (only if your customers are mainly form Canada/USA or Eastern Asia you don’t have to care).

The PayPal pro-form should also work if not using PaPal Pro, because it integrates with PayPal Express Checkout and takes the customer to the PayPal site for payment, as the PayPal Standard buttons do.

Initially, when I contacted Paypal, they just told me to contact the author of the plugin. They didn’t seem to think there was anything different for them.

Well, if you didn’t include anything in the last update, it does answer the question.

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