Payapl Open free registration not generating email on registration

I have the following code:

[s2Member-Pro-PayPal-Form register=“1” level=“2” ccaps=“special” desc=“Sign up now, it’s Free!” custom=“” tp=“0” tt=“D” success=“thank-you”]

However, this is not generating a welcome email which I would very much like to do. As I have Custom Passwords enabled in your s2Member Registration/Profile Field options it won’t generate the normal password email which is fine but how can I get it to send a tailored welcome message to this particular form?

Unfortunately, that’s not going to work the way you envision. The PayPal welcome emails are generated upon a successful return from PayPal. Since free registrations don’t go to PayPal, the welcome emails will not be generated.

I’ve successfully used Bettern Notifications for WordPress with s2Member on several sites. You might give that a try.

Thanks will check it out.

Did this option work for you? I have the same problem and am looking for the answer.