Pause Subscription (stripe)

We are using stripe… nothing special just adding users to different levels. Is it possible for a user to log in and pause there subscription for a few months and then it starts up again?
let me know if i can provide more information.

Not out-of-the-box. You would need to do custom coding to get that effect.

Keep in mind that the s2member (and other ecommerce-enabled products) have local software that is a thin veneer on the payment Gateway APIs.

Bottom line…if the gateway can’t do it…the ecommerce wrapper can’t do it (probably some exceptions…but this is true for the most part).

Hi Matt.

s2 doesn’t have a way for the customer to pause the sub and later resume it. You can do it from your Stripe dashboard though, so an option would be to have a contact form for this purpose and you pause it manually for them.