Page not being blocked correctly


I have a page that Event Espresso is using to post a listing of our events (I believe it is an archive page of sorts). I was unable to edit the page, so I created a page with the same URL and then put the page/post ID into the blocked list. The page is still showing up to someone not logged in. Any ideas? The link of the page is below.

I did enable the alternative views protection and it is still showing up.

I don’t think that works because, while the blocked page you have now created is probably indeed blocked, that still leaves the “archive page of sorts” accessible.

I would suggest you delete the page, and instead protect the “archive page of sorts” by using URI Restrictions (under Restriction Options).

Thanks for the quick reply! I have gone ahead and deleted the page. Is there somewhere I can read about how to set up the URI restriction? Would I just put /events in the level #1 list if I want members #1 and higher only to be able see it?

You should put in /events/

Note, though, that this will also protect any other URL that includes that fragment.