Page Access Restrictions - report who bought?

I’ve set up a “sliding scale” payment flow for a course via the Post Access Restrictions feature. Because I’m letting people pay $0 not all transactions are making it to Stripe. How can I get a report on which users signed up for access to this restricted post?

Hello Gigi,

Sadly there is no report for what you are looking for. There are however ‘web hooks’ you could use to log the information you are looking for. I do not have the skills needed to write you up the needed code but the link below is pretty detailed. The event hook you are looking for is called Specific Post/Page ~ Sale Notification URL.


If you get this to just log a list of each buyer’s info and page purchased to a file you should be golden.

Good luck!

Hi @oyegigi - get everyone to register for your site and make the page only available to registered users. Now you know who has access to the page…all registered users.