Overly complicated subscription model question

Hello, I am new to S2Member and trying to figure out if there is a good way to do this.

Trying to revamp a website for an Irish Dance school that has LOADS of monthly payment options plus a bunch of one time things that come up through the year, and 11 months of payments, with one month of no instructions.

It gets complicated with the 3rd kid discount, and if you have 2-3 classes per week, and multiple kids per family.

The billing options
Beginner (3rd kid of family)
Level 2 and 3
Level 2 and 3 (3rd kid of family)
Level 4 One class per week
Level 4 Two classes per week
Level 4 3rd kid of family
Open/PC One class per week
Open/PC Two classes per week
Open/PC Three Classes per week
Open/PC 3rd kid of family
Champ One class per week
Champ Two Classes per week
Champ Three Classes per week
Champ 3rd kid of family

So I can see having a TON of buttons, and each kid gets their own subscription, but that’s extra processing fees on a monthly basis. Not ideal, but can work.

Making a combination of each of these options is an even bigger disaster and will confuse parents like crazy.

Is there some way to do a form that could calculate how much they would owe monthly, and update a button to show that level, or a storefront type setup that they could pick and choose which things to sign up for?