Odd issue involving Content(PHP)/Page protection

I have three tiers of content for my WordPress site, and the content in question is on a Page that is protected for level 1 or higher. There is no s2Member/PHP code otherwise filtering out the content.

When I’m logged in as me (owner/admin), I can see the content. When I’m logged into my Level1 or Level2 test accounts, I can’t see it. It seems like, since the Page itself is protected, if there was an issue, I wouldn’t be able to visit the Page, but I can get to the Page.

More information:
I have removed the Page protection, but I still have the same issue.

The content on the Page is a custom Function I coded, which includes querying a database. When I add a var_dump it show boolean false, and I added a simple echo to the function, which shows up on the screen. So for some reason, when I’m logged into my test accounts, it doesn’t go through the query.

I have checked all my other areas, and they work just fine, including all the uses of s2member/PHP protections.

I have unprotected the Page so you can see it:


I just tested it as a logged out user, and the contented doesn’t show up. So you might not be able to see it.

I’ll try clearing my cookies/cache and see if that works.

Clearing my cookies/cache didn’t change anything.

So ■■■■ odd. Not sure how anyone can help. I was hoping you could see the content and determine if there was some sort of code/marker on there triggering content to be filtered.