Number of downloads

I am using download restrictions for my site. From this, I have a couple of questions:

  • is there a way to know how many downloads a member is at? Is that information available anywhere in their profile? or at least accessible to admin?

  • is there a way to reset the download limit for a specific member if something happens? Occasionally, someone will email me saying that a download didn’t go through or didn’t complete, yet it was added to the count.

See this article:

meta_key__wp_s2member_file_download_access_arc Systematic use only. This is presented in the export file as a JSON object. It is rather complex. This is how s2Member tracks a user’s downloads over the lifetime of the account. This serves as a long-term archive for data that was originally collected by s2member_file_download_access_log.
meta_key__wp_s2member_file_download_access_log Systematic use only. This is presented in the export file as a JSON object. This is how s2Member keeps track of a user’s file downloads within the current period, based on your configuration of s2Member. If you wish to reset the download count for a particular user, you could simply erase this data; i.e., empty this column for a particular user. s2Member will recreate the data automatically, giving the user a fresh start.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

It helps in knowing the data is somewhere, available (not for a mere mortal like me though).

Can I offer a suggestion to get this information a bit more accessible in the dashboard for easier manipulation/use in future update? It is not a critical feature but it would definitely emphasize the ability to limit those downloads using s2M as a plugin (which can be a great feature in a membership to avoid the “join - download everything - unsubscribe” scenario that many membership owners are afraid of.

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I added it to the requets list. Yeah, it’d be nice to improve the UI and control over this. Thanks for your input! :smiley:

I’d also find it helpful if I could display the number of downloads left per user on the login welcome page. The JavaScript confirmation is a bit annoying and looks like an error message or cookies warning to users. Ideal ya simple shortcode like [s2Get user_field=“user_email”] but one that displays the remaining downloads left and when the reset date is.