Not redirecting to registration after PayPal

Hi, I do have s2Member Pro. I’m having problems getting the redirect from Paypal to go to the registration page. Insead, I get the " Thank you! (you MUST check your email before proceeding)." message. The user never gets any email about this.But, I think it’s supposed to go right back to the registration page, right? What do I look at?


The email has now started coming through to the user.

Is the PayPal API only if you are paying that extra monthly fee to PayPal? We are a small not-for-profit organization and so are not wanting to incur these expenses.

When I go into our PayPal account, I get the following options for API:

  1. Pre-built payment solution
  2. REST API integration
  3. Braintree SDK integration
  4. NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)

I don’t see this mentioned in the s2Member instructions. It’s like the s2Members instructions are not what I am seeing in Paypal. Which of these does s2Member use?