New user email password link ISN'T A LINK!

I just purchased s2member Pro.
After testing I have discovered the following :
The password link sent in the new user email message is not a link, just text.
It can’t be clicked by the reader.
I’m talking about the password-setup link i.e. %%wp_set_pass_url%%

How can this be forced to become a link?
It’s not normal these days that a person should have to copy and paste a link in the address bar.
Surely this is possible to accomplish ?


This happened to me because of other plugin. Check plugins and themes for compatibility - deactivate one by one until this effect disappear. Lot of work, I know… but you will find which plugin destroys s2M jobs.

Hi Anthony.

Since emails are sent by s2 in plain text, not HTML, they’re not supposed to be links, just a URL in plain text. What turns them into a link is the email client. I just tested with Gmail and the set password URL is linked there. This will vary from client to client, I think. Have you tested, or could you test, with other clients?

If you email a URL in plain text to that same address, do you get the URL linked or also as text?