New s2member version 3/18/2022

Many people have been worried about s2member being abandoned, since Cristian who manages the plugin has not been seen around for months.

Yet a new versione of s2member framework has been released a couple of day ago, this is good news.

Probably Cristian was too busy with coding and decided not to open the forum for a while. I won’t be surprised to see him come back soon to the forums as well.

Has anybody updated already? Everything seems ok after the update?


I’ve upated my install and everyting is working fine, althought my site isnt very busy

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Thanks for letting us know! I didn’t apply the previous update because it didn’t add any functionality I needed but I’ll check the changelog for the current one. Funny we didn’t receive an email about it.

Oh, changes seem to be minor and won’t help with the any issues I have, so I will not update yet (since I changed a couple of files manually I’d have to find them first etc).

Well for me the payment gateway shortcode is highly useful. It’s a tiny change but welcome.


True. I ended using a custom capability for the payment gateway, especially considering I have manual payments and Patreon as well.

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