New Pro User with Two Goals

I’m finding that s2Member is massive and has a lot of ways to do things. I have two goals for the site I’m working on:

  1. There are five membership/sponsorship levels (all annual): $25 (members); $75, $100 $250, and $500 (sponsors).
  • $250 and above get their logo displayed on our sponsor page.
  • $500 gets their logo and a website link included on our sponsor page.
  • Can the Logo and Weblink fields be restricted so they don’t show up when people register for $100 and below levels?
  • Is there a field type for image upload and a field type for a URL? (I could not find one)
  • Is there a way to offer an “offline” (mail check) option for payment?
  1. Sponsors are displayed on the sponsor page with the logo and weblink (according to the levels above), sorted by sponsor level (DESC), then by company name, then by member last name.
  • How do I format the display to show the way I would like it to display (template?).
  • Are there any conflicts with Elementor if I use templates?

I appreciate some short cut direction on this. I’m not sure what the quickest and easiest way to achieve the above goals is - there are just so many options.

I’m not a PHP coder, but I can make simple edits to code, HTML, basic CSS, and shortcode variables.

Thank you,

Hi Ernie!

You can do that with a conditional around the logo where you’d display it.

What do you mean by field type? Custom profile fields? Not for file uploads. Yes for URL.

Not integrated and automated with s2Member… But you can give the offline payment instructions to the client and then, after getting paid, go and upgrade their account manually from his profile.

Do you mean the members list? See:

I’m not aware of any. There are many site owners using Elementor with s2Member, from comments I’ve seen over the months. If so, someone may leave a comment about it here for you.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the detailed answer. I’m sorry if I wasn’t completely clear in some of my questions. I’m working through your answers now, and have a new question:

Some members/sponsors also serve as executive board members. I added fields to identify them (these fields are not part of the registration page and are only set by the site administrator who can edit the Users list):

  • A checkbox to indicate they are a board_member
  • A text field for the board_member_title
  • A text field set to integer board_member_ordering

Since none of these fields will be visible during registration and cannot be edited by the user, “Allow Profile Edits” is set to “No (uneditable & totally invisible, both during & after registration)”. Only the site administrator (who may also be a board member and/or sponsor) can edit these fields.

For the executive board page, I was trying to find a conditional that sets the page to only display those users where board_member is TRUE, but I could not find how to do that. I don’t know if s2If or s2Get applies. I don’t want to condition the page by user level, but by a field in the user records.

[s2Member-List show_fields=“board_member_title” orderby=“board_member_ordering” order=“ASC”/]

This list needs to exclude anyone whose record does not have board_member checked.

I tried [s2If user_field=“board_member”], but that didn’t work.

This website doesn’t restrict content by user level (their by-laws require that everything be available to everyone), although I do need to be able to filter the lists as described above, might take advantage of the messaging and personalization features the conditionals offer.

Thank you,

Just finished setting up a client account with S2 using elementor using the neve theme which I found works best to create pages from scratch without distorting the finished product. Elementor works fine. The only thing I did not like about it is that there is no direct html access you work and must use the short code menu tool.