New PayPal SDK - s2Member update needed?

I noticed while searching for information regarding Chrome’s new SameSite cookie behaviour that PayPal is upgrading its Checkout SDK. It says “All PHP Checkout SDK integrations are expected to be updated by March 1, 2020. Merchants are encouraged to prepare for the update as soon as possible to avoid possible service disruption.”

Is this something that will affect s2Member? Is an update needed?

Cristian, I apologize if I am worrying for nothing. But is this something that needs to be updated in s2Member? PayPal says merchants need to prepare for the update by March 1 to avoid service disruption.

Hi Stephen.

s2Member has a direct integration with PayPal, doesn’t use PayPal’s SDK. I checked, and as far as I can tell, there is nothing about it in s2. So this notice doesn’t seem relevant to s2Member, it should be fine.


Thanks for looking into it Cristian, I appreciate it.

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