New Install, Existing Members, Stripe Renewal

We have converted from a custom code registration and payment system to S2Member using Stripe.
None of our users have any data in the " s2Member Configuration & Profile Fields" section.

We manually set the users to appropriate membership levels and will force an EOT for them depending upon their current expiration date.

We will be using Stripe from here on out for billing. Since the current members are already paid up, what do we set any of those fields to? My issue is that if one of those users logs in now and wants to renew, Stripe says that they are not a paid user. They do not have a Stripe Subscriber ID, etc. How do we get Stripe to ask for their needed information initially to renew access to our site, when they are not current Stripe users yet?

Maybe explain to the users that your new payment system can’t recognise them.

Another way is to change the message, somehow…

I guess I don’t understand why I am seeing what I am seeing.

We imported members into Wordpress, setting their appropriate levels, etc. We then added Stripe as a payment processor.

The members have no previous payment listed in their account, but they have an AUTOMATIC EOT listed based upon when their manually created account expires. Thus payment gateway and other information is blank.

The user has a profile, password, email, etc.

So when they login and go to renew (now using Stripe), they are presented with a profile page to fill out. It includes the required fields, First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, etc.

They are logged in AND their profile already contains that information. (the form has blank fields and if needed should be pre-filled in, but it is not. All I want to do is have them enter their credit card information and billing information, as most sites do.

The page has 2 parts, CREATE PROFILE and BILLING METHOD. That is fine for new users, but these are existing members and I can’t seem toi find how to stop creating the profile.

How can I delete the need to create a profile which they already have?

My bad, I misunderstood, sorry!

The “KC s2M Pro-rates” plugin with one of “extend” types of pro-rates may help. If can not, I can fix it for you :slight_smile: