New Add Ons - Renewals / Payment

Hi! Since I really like the efforts you put into this project I subscribed to the new add on, that way I can help a bit towards further development of the mainframe (like improving demotions for users with declined payments, for example, still hoping for news on that issue :wink:).

Anyway, I made the payment and downloaded/installed the plugin, but I don’t see where I manage my subscription on your website, so I can choose which add ons I will renew or not. Will you charge us automatically once a year or will we receive an email with an invoice each year, for each plugin? If it is automated, how can we cancel individual plugins later on if we don’t want to continue using (some of) them in the future?

Have a great week and thanks again for keeping this project alive!

Thank you so much for your support! It’s really welcome and appreciated. :pray:

About the subscription: there is no subscription. There will not be an automatic charge for the new add-on the way it’s being sold. You made a single payment, it’s not a subscription. Renewal at the end of the year will not be automatic, it will need to be renewed manually. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. I am sure the information will be very useful to anybody on their way to purchase the new add ons :innocent:

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I may be dumb but what addon are you speaking about ??

Hi Cristian, would it be possible to have uncompleted payments shown in the payments log add.on? That would really be useful, more than the completed payments probably. We could follow up abandoned carts, and that may end in more sells.
Thanks in advance


That sounds awesome! And also declined/failed payments!

This :slight_smile:

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What would be an incomplete payment in your case? I’m not sure I know what specific case you’re talking about.

lol yeah, that’d be interesting. They aren’t payments, though, so maybe not in the payments log. Your payment gateway does give you that info. s2 doesn’t currently take any action on failed payments, only on ended subscriptions, but if I add a handler for that event, then it’d also be possible to log it somewhere.


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I’m glad you find a solution to monetize S2Member without breaking what is done. I cannot afford it but maybe some future addon will be interesting for my use.


Hi Cristian, in stripe dashboard I can see completed / uncompleted / failed payments.
When I go hover on “uncompleted” payments, I can read “the customer did not input payment details”

I am translating since my stripe dashboard is in Italian at the moment, but anyway you got what I mean.

If stripe logs “uncompleted” and “failed” payments, it would be great to see them in wordpress dashboard, so I could send a follow up email and try to recover those customers that tried to buy on my website.

Thank again

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Ciao Leo.

I see what you mean. Well, then it’s as said to Sim earlier, the payments log only logs successful payments. I agree that a handler for failed/incomplete payments will be nice to have, and when that gets implemented, then an interface for those will be possible. I have added your vote for it. :wink:

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PayPal does send notifications on failed payments. Plus your system could also track users without a successful payment when it’s overdue, just in case :wink:

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Yes, it’s nice! I could not afford the Pro version for a while, but once I got enough subscribers I was able to upgrade as well. I with you get to that point soon :innocent: