Need to sell Custom Capabilities with WooCommerce

I have a client that’s been using S2member for several years.
She needed to sell other products and services via WooCommerce.

She has 12 videos that she sells access to every year.
Clients can buy access to all 12, or pick any two.
I’ve been using a custom php solution, that adds custom capability codes to their profiles on checkout, but she desperately needs the features of WooCommerce such as discounts based on s2member role, coupons for non-subscribers, etc.

Is there any way to sell single or multiple custom capabilities with WooCommerce? I can’t just sell roles, because there are 12 videos and people might buy 2 to 12 different combinations of those 12 videos.


s2Member Pro comes with the ability to use discounts and coupons built-in, so it’s not clear to me (yet?) why WooCommerce is necessary here.

Thank you for your answer.
I understand that S2 provides those capabilities.

She sells physical items that need shipping calculated live by USPS, and tax added; she needs to group products together; she needs to set sale prices for a limited time and needs it automated.

Her business process requires automation that S2 cannot provide.

My problem with the way you phrased your original question was that you said your client needed things that s2Member didn’t provide – and then listed only things that s2Member does provide. In your response, you have almost repeated the trick, because the only thing you’ve mentioned there that s2Member doesn’t do is sell physical goods. So I am wondering just how much you know about s2Member.

I am wondering even more so because your question really isn’t about s2Member at all. Because (unlike many other membership plugins) s2Member uses the regular WP tables to store data about users, the functions that are needed to create or update an s2Member role are the standard WP functions like wp_create_user and wp_insert_user.

So all you need is the WooCommerce hook to which to attach such functions. Although I don’t use WooCommerce, I believe that the relevant hook is woocommerce_created_customer and that it passes three variables. See

It should be pretty easy to write your own custom function that does what you want.

@pdblizzard: Just curious: How the physical videos are related to s2M? Or maybe, when I buy 2 videos, I also get access to some special info?

Thanks for the reply Krum.

The connection to S2member is that my client also has been selling monthly memberships via S2 for several years, to restricted content, and those folks get access to the videos along with their paid S2Membership.

For those purchasers of the videos who didn’t want the monthly subscription, I wrote very simplistic php code (that didn’t access anything in WP at all) that added their selections to variable that I passed along to a paypal checkout code, and updated the Custom_Capabilities with the the names of the videos they purchased.

I then restricted the video pages by S2 role member (subscribers) and by Custom Caps for non-subscribers. Love how easy it is to do with S2 via roles or Custom Caps.

I could certainly convert all S2Members over the the WooCommerce membership and subscription products so it’s all under one house. BUT, I love the detailed restriction I can use to control content that I get via S2Member, which is why, if I could just sell CustomCap codes along side of WooCommerce I can control access to the videos via S2Member.

Being able to sell CustomCaps along side of her physical products and services would enable all kinds of WooCommerce extensions that we already use like abandoned cart follow up, follow up emails.

(If I had the skill to write a custom function that access data in WP, I would. But I don’t, which is why I’m asking the question here. I knew enough php to capture responses in a form as variables, perform calculations on them and and pass them to paypal submit. I have no desire to extend my php knowledge at this phase of my life. )

If the answer is no, then it’s no and I’ll move on :sunny:

Thanks about detailed description, Pam!

Let me think for a time, the problems seems not so easy.

I appreciate your kind reply Krum. :slight_smile:
I usually love a good tech puzzle or mystery but my head is in marketing strategy, and out of tech these days. This client is also a good friend of mine.

It seems easy enough to sell a Group or Role with WooC, I could sell S2 roles very easily with WooC.
But I have to have multiple combinations (12 videos so 144 combinations, right?) and Custom Caps seems the easiest way to add multiple products.

Thank you!

sry to revive such an old post. but i would rather do it here than making a new post with relevant topics.

can we sell in woocommerce for custom capabilities here please?

I made a note of this feature request. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

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May I ask is this possible now with s2 cc being sold via woo ?

Hi John.

I haven’t done anything with Woo yet. If Woo has something that lets you add WP capabilities to a user, then yes…

It may be possible to add it with a bit of custom code. If you have something else that can be sold with Woo that represents the ccap, then you could add the capability to the user with your hack. See: