Need System That...

Have system that fills in a PDF Form

  1. Charge Buyer for $X per form ( 1 Payment = 1 Page/Form Access) Then Sends Email to Buyers Client
  2. Send Access to Buyers Client to Access and Complete Page/Form
  3. Track when “Complete” (Completed upon Send) Need Commerce/Payment system to track and manage access purchases (form access)

Hi Mark.

s2 doesn’t restrict access based on number of uses, so it doesn’t look like it’ll do what you want. Or did I misunderstand what you want?

There is a plugin called Advanced Access Manager on

that does that kind of granular access control, though we have not tried to use it on an s2member site as yet.

We have it on other sites, and it works great. LOTS of docs & info to help BUT the developer is REAL slow about replies to questions. Hasn’t been an issue as yet, but for some that can be critical. :slight_smile: