Need Suggestion for WooCommerce Store Hosting

I have a WooCommerce-based ecommerce store which currently has more than 10K traffic per month and I am gradually losing my visitors due to increased page load times. I am considering switching my hosting provider. I have seen so many paid review on different website which are so call best provider but end up by providing poor service. Recently I have read an article which shows default WooCommerce Stores loads In 249ms and I am still curious that does any use their service before. Or should I look for store speed optimization. I just need suggestion from community that what are their options.

I highly recommend my own host, Lightningbase. That’s an affiliate link, but it’s the only affiliate link I ever use. They are just that good – and, as their name implies, very fast.

But you don’t need to take my word for it. The only really robust, independent surveys of web hosts are carried out annually by Review Signal. You can find the results of previous surveys yourself, but here’s a link to the one for 2018: