Need s2member-list shortcode help OR help with template

I need to create a page showing a business directory of user profiles showing a list of name, logo, business name, business type, website link, etc. Each listing should include a link to a full profile.

I have added some of the fields to the registration/profile, but cannot figure out how to add a web link or a logo.

I cannot get the shortcode to display only one level of membership. If I add levels=“1” to the shortcode, then nothing gets displayed.

I cannot figure out how to make a link per listing to user profiles.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Alternately, does anyone have an example of a customized member-list.php that they would be willing to share?

So This page has two examples linked, but in both cases, the site is not accesible. Has anyone made copies of the linked template examples?

Nevermind. Every step of using s2member has been like pulling teeth, and now it appears that the software cannot do half of what I wanted to do with a member business directory. Unfortunately, I paid for Pro, which I will keep on file in case I have a use for it, but I’m not wasting any more time on this thing now.