Need hellp to build custom registration and membership

I want to have 3 membership levels
L1 - 30$/y
L2 - 100$/y
L3 - 300$/y

The application fee is 25$ (paid when register)

I want to have only one registration form, in which customer choose the membership level.

L3 is invite only level, so customer have to enter invitation code to be able to apply for L3
Also invitation codes could apply discount on application fee of membership fee (this must be manageable)

For L3 also membership must be approved by admin, so the payment for it only after approval, also admin can downgrade the level of applicant to L2

Also I want every months (or every quarter) provide for each L3 member X unique invite codes that they can use to invite friends.

I want to track by invite codes who of L3 invites whom and may be offering a reward program.

As well I want to have additional memberships inside the big program (like chapters)

Please help me to understand how to create such program

Hi! Welcome to the forum!

This is more of a space for discussion around issues with the plugin, not to get detailed instructions on how to use it. For that you need to do your own research here (in the forum) and in the knowledge base (here) or hire someone, sorry.

Take a look at the information presented by the plugin on its screens, it has many instructions and you can figure out how to do things if you spend enough time studying it.