Nav Menu Roles Compatibility

I’ve used a plugin called Nav Menu Roles. I can hide menu items, set up items for logged in/out users, etc. I goes beyond the capability of alternate view protection in s2member menus.

I believe it used to work well but not now.

For example I set a menu item that can be viewed by a user with a minimum level of 1. However, level 2,3,4 cannot see the menu item (they should). The plugin author says “it does very clearly look like the level 1 “role” is not given as a level 2 capability.”

I don’t know if there is an incompatibility issue or if my installation of s2member is compromised. Any ideas?

Level 2 would have level 1 access capability, not role. The menu nav condition should be based on access capabilities rather than roles, if you want the incremental access.

I seem to remember a plugin that allowed conditionals for the navigation items… Don’t remember the name, though…

Pro version manages menu entries visibility, am I correct ? If Menu should manage this with a litlle code

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Right, the setting here would affect visibility of links to protected pages/posts in menus: WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options > Alternative View