MySQL Database Extension Missing? (s2-server-scanner.php)

My s2member functionality is working fine but in the process of troubleshooting the last problem I had I ran your s2-server-scanner.php script and got a fail only on the MySQL saying:

The following issues were discovered…
Error[ERROR] MySQL Database Extension
Missing MySQL extension. s2Member needs the MySQL
extension for PHP. This will add MySQL support to your installation of PHP, allowing MySQL database communication. Please consult with your web hosting company about this message.

I contacted my host and they could not understand it either saying:

Our PHP configuration on this server has the following extensions enabled:


Do you know which MySQL extension is required by the s2Member plugin? If you are unsure, you may want to check the plugin’s documentation or contact the developers of the plugin for more information.

Can anyone explain why the script reports an error when the site works fine and I have those plugins?

Not sure how to help… Please run the “s2M site scanner” to check compatibility first.

The server scanner is what I’m talking about s2-server-scanner.php

Here’s what it says.

I really need an answer on this and also my host is now asking about the results of s2-server-scanner.php and whether PHP 7.0 is compatible with s2member? They say:

From the link above it appears that the plugin ‘s2Member’ may not be
compatible with PHP 7. Here is what it looks like it is trying to use: From requirements page :
“Warning : This extension was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0, and it was removed in PHP 7.0.0. Instead, the MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extension should be used. See also MySQL: choosing an API guide and related FAQ for more information.”

If you could confirm with the plugin developers which version of PHP is required and perhaps see if they have any input on this, that would greatly be appreciated as we try find a solution.

Then you should have given it its name. Like the rest of us, Krum is not a mind-reader. “The script” could mean anything; they are lots of “scripts” around. If you want help, you have to provide meaningful information.

Here’s my answer: change hosts.

What yours is suggesting (that s2Member isn’t compatible with PHP 7) is laughable. If it weren’t, there’d be a myriad of complaints all over the web and in various forums about it. And yet there aren’t. Indeed, I myself have been running s2Member on PHP7 on many sites for a year without a hitch.

That silly suggestion of theirs makes me doubt the veracity of what they’re saying about your installation. But you might be able to check for yourself in cPanel if it gives you the option to check the PHP version. If you select that, you should be able to see what modules are actually activated (as opposed to available but not activated).

If they don’t even give you that option in cPanel, then I’d definitely leave. There are plenty of good hosts out there, and there’s no reason to be stuck with one who apparently can’t help and doesn’t trust you enough to provide the options in cPanel.

I must agree with @KTS915, seems your host uses unusual connection to MySQL, or some like that. Not sure, as I am not checked myself… Did you install WP by some host’s tool like Scriptaculous? WP must be installed manually. Also you can check compatibility of s2M in docs. Also if you are a paid user of s2M, you can demand answers at support centre, we are all users here…