My users are not redirected to the right place when logging in

I need help, and customer service is not responding to my emails. My users cannot login!!
They are getting an error when trying to login. I updated the login welcome page in S2Member. I tried both choosing a login welcome page from the dropdown menu and using the special redirection url. People should be directed to this url:

But when people login, they are redirected to this…

And get an error that says “you are not allowed to access this page”

Hi Jonathan,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with logins. I can imaging how to stressful it must be for you.

Thanks for the screenshot and details.

I see that the login is trying to redirect people to a bluehost admin page, but that’s not something s2Member would do. Why do you think it’s s2Member causing this?

Do you have a bluehost plugin? Did you contact BlueHost about it?

It’d be worth to test trying to remove it from /wp-content/plugins/ (e.g. move it out of that folder, or rename the main file in that bluehost plugin, the file that’s named the same as the folder, changing the extension).

I can understand regular users getting a message about not having access to an admin page, but are you also getting that as the administrator?

In the page’s code, I see a redirect to the bluehost admin URL you mentioned:


s2Member is not adding that there, something else is. Either the bluehost plugin, or the plugin you’re using to customize the logins (I believe it’s JetPack).

Check those out and see if you find the setting or plugin that’s doing this. I hope you sort it out quick, and can have users login normally.

Well, actually they are logging in, it’s just that the page they’re being sent to, is not one they have access to. If they then go to the home page or course pages, they’d be logged in and able to see them.

I look forward to your update.


That redirect_to directive in the login page, will override the s2Member setting. You need to find what’s putting that redirection there.