Multisite config screen is blank/empty. Do I need the PRO version for multisite to work?

Hello! Thank you for building this great plugin.

I’ve been trying to learn how s2members works, I’m interested in the pro version to use on a multi-site Wordpress install. However when I set it up on a multisite, and I click on “S2members -> Multisite (config)” the screen is blank, with the exception of the s2members header (screenshot below).

I created a fresh install on my local environment to double check.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to purchase the pro version before gaining access to the multisite config panel? If that’s the case I don’t mind, I am just making sure the multi-site features work.

Thank you!

The framework does not support multisite. You need to purchase the Pro version. Then you need to look under network configuration to see the s2member config.

NOTE: The single Pro site license only allows you to enable s2member on one subsite in the multisite. To enable more than one subsite you need the unlimited license.


Hello, thank you for the quick answer.

Can I use s2member PRO to allow users to register their own child-sites depending on their membership level? For example, level 1 allows users to registers 1 child-site, level 2 offers 2 child-sites and so on.

I can’t find information on the Multisite features, but that is my main use case. I will purchase the pro multisite edition shortly. Thank you!

No. s2member is a content protection plugin. You are looking for a different specialised product which is subsite manager. See

Ahhhh, I understand now. Thank you for the information.