Multiple Memberships / Cart

Does anyone know of a way that it can be setup a user to purchase multiple memberships for other people, or possibly a membership not related to a registered account?

As an example if I can purchase a membership for myself in addition to 2 memberships for family members.

I am open to all suggestions… I am trying to avoid having to use woocomerce or any other cart solution if possible.

Any and all ideas are welcome!

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It is simple, it just needs different emails.

Why are you going to configure s2member just for that ?

Just ask for the e-mails of these people and buy again.


I am trying to avoid having to make multiple purchases… As an example this way I can purchase memberships for myself and 2 other in one transaction

This makes sense. Sometimes a costumer might want to gift a subscription and it would be very handy to have such a feature. It would be very desirable to have fixed amount credits too, and fixed amount coupons, so we could sell vouchers with a nominal value that can be used on anything. Currently even coupons can be only used for trial periods or for entire subscriptions, which is problematic if you want someone to buy a 50 dollar gift or if you want to give someone a 10 dollar coupon that can be used as store credit.

Would it be possible/not too complicated for you to make such implementation to s2Member in the future @clavaque?