Multiple If Statement

I am looking to build s2If statements that checks for ccaps.

As an example, I am looking to see if someone has a ccap of let’s say “music” and if then check for “videos” and if false, display with [else], (Add videos to your account) but if they have music plus videos, check to see if they have “downloads” and if false then display with [else] (Add download options to your account).

Is there a way to daisy chain a shortcode or php to follow a chain of events and display content based on a true or false statement as it goes through the list?

Also is there a way to check for mulitple ccaps like “music,videos” so both must be true in the statement above before it knows if it is true or false?


Hi Ross.

Yeah, you can do those. See: WP Admin > s2Member > API / Scripting > Conditionals (simple and advanced)



Np. Let me know if you have questions about those. :slight_smile: