Multi site access

Is is possible to give users access to other sites I own using s2member with their current logins?

I do something like this on my site.

S2Member is active on only the root directory of my multisite setup, and when they visit any of the sub-directory sites, I have a function check their access level on the main site before showing the content.

With that said, I did this through custom coding. I’m not sure if there is a built-in way in s2 to accomplish this. This scenario brings up a limitation in WP because when you go the multi-site route, unless something has changed recently, new users are members of the “network”, and that membership is independent of any specific membership level/access based on the individual sites (excluding the network admins who have default admin access on every site). By default, users are given subscriber access if they don’t have any specific level, which is lower than the s2member levels.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Camden. Really appreicate that.