Moving to new domain questions

I have been using s2member pro for many years now on my membership website for golf instruction. I have over 3000 members who have paid either a one time fee or have ongoing subscription payments.

I have had a new better website built on a new domain and am not sure what possibilities there are for giving existing users on the first domain access on the second without a lot of work on my part. I also have a multisite license with s2member.

One problem I am aware of is that Paypal only allows one IPN integration domain. So I must use one or the other. So if I setup s2member on the new domain and switch the pin in PayPal. What will happen when members on the old domain cancel? Will notifications still go through to the old domain?

Is it possible to move members to the new website along with EOT info? I understand passwords cannot be moved, but would they be able to recover their password at the new site?

I do not really want to switch to a new membership plugin, but also do not want to mess things up. Any advice would be appreciated. Especially if anyone has gone through such a process in the past. I am also open to hiring someone with experience if this can be done properly.

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Hi Kirk.

It is possible to move to a new domain. There are some things to consider, though, as you are doing.

You can move the users with the s2 exporter/importer tool.

Another option may be to just copy your users and usermeta database tables to the new site, which would include their parsswords. But I haven’t tried it myself, so don’t know for sure that WordPress wouldn’t complain about it.

PayPal saves the IPN URL for the subscription, which was set by s2 at the time it was created. The default in PayPal’s settings is used when one isn’t specified. So even if you change the IPN URL in the PayPal setting to the new domain, PayPal will keep sending notifications to the old one.

What you need is forward those to the new site. In your Account page you’ll find a zip file with extras, that includes an IPN script you could customize for this.

See these posts by Jason explaining how to do this:

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the help. I got it all resolved!!!

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I also want membership to another golf cavity back irons site but unable to understand. Hopefully these are also working for me too. Thanks