Moving to a different system

Hi all.
Client has S2 Members Pro, however, they want to change to a different program.
How do I move the S2 members data/payment history into a different system?
Thanks for any help~

I wrote something to convert my s2members to WooCommerce Memberships members a few years back. It was for a site that didn’t have recurring payments, so I only needed something that brought over the expiration dates, etc. I never ended up using it because the reason I wanted to move it over became a non-issue before the migration so I stayed. That means it was never actually used for a production migration, but it worked in my tests and might be a good starting point if it still works.

Hi Ric

Thank You very much for replying; however I think exporting as .csv and importing to by .csv will work best for me, I’m not too expierneced with node etc.
But Thanks Again for this great advice, hopefully it’ll help someone else here, too…

I would be very interested to hear if anyone has successfully moved s2Member to a different plugin. I’ve been wanting to do it myself but because I have limited knowledge in this area, I’m always worried I’ll mess it up. But if anyone has actually done it successfully, please share.

Of course, if someone has moved to a different plugin, why would they still be here reading this? But who knows.

I’ll report back here once i’m done, @Cralamarre

Looking forward to your results. Which plugin are you planning to switch to?

@Irishblake That node script converts the csv export from s2 to the one that Woocommerce Memberships used at the time I wrote it.

At the time I was doing lots of JS stuff and it was easiest for me.