Moving from s2 to simple membership

Unfortunately I’m leaving s2member and going to simple membership.

I will still maintain some sites with s2member, but all others will be with simple membership.

Very active support, and plugin always updated.

S2 will be missed.

Please let us know how it goes and what the process was for migrating.


Agreed. I’d like to hear the steps you took to migrate, e.g. whether you had to hire a developer and what the process roughly was.

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@mbartizmo @Cralamarre

There are various migration techniques.

I created a copy of the site with simple membership and exported all the registered users via csv.

Regarding payment, former members continue to pay automatically when they used to with s2 member, I monitor this via the stripe dashboard or paypal.

And little by little I’m sending an update form to all members and migrating them.

Leave a support form, so when people don’t have access they’ll get in touch.

This is the time for you to update the register.

Why do you need to notify your users? Isn’t simple membership self hosted like s2member? I’d assume another similar plugin should work in the back and without any relevant changes to the user. :thinking:

I am not leaving s2member for as long as possible. I am not using s2Member’s PayPal integration anymore but doing things manually instead, for the time being.

I hope @clavaque is ok, he didn’t post for a while. :pray:t2:

I still believe he’ll deal with this if/when possible.

I’m just going to stop using s2member for new sites.

What I already have, I will continue using it.

I will not notify members. As I said, I will import the csv file and update the database little by little.

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