Moving existing users to stripe from paypal

I’ve searched the forums and haven’t found an answer for this.

I am splitting up a website where all paid services/memberships are going to be on another webiste/domain and all free users will stay on the current domain. The current website has used PayPal to handle payments but I’d like the new website to only use Stripe. When I move the database of current customers over to the new domain, do I need to update anything regarding their EOT or payment status as far as Stripe is concerned? Their current status shows a Paypal paid subsciber id.

I don’t have any subscriptions. I have customers pay yearly to maintain their status. I’d like customers to just log in and renew as usual with minimal disruption… only now they are paying through Stripe and not PayPal.


If you’re not using subscriptions, then it’s no problem to have them make the next payment with Stripe instead. Buy-now (single non-subscription) payments extend access time, and don’t need the profile’s previous payment’s gateway to match the next.

See your options here, there’s one about EOT extension for fixed periods. Wp Admin > s2Member Pro > PayPal Options > Auto EOT Behavior

See also:

You can do a test creating a user, upgrading it PayPal for 1 cent for 3 days access, and then go make a new payment of 50 cents in Stripe for another 3 days, and see if the EOT time gets updated.