Moving buyer to level 1 accessing different ccaps not all of them

Members on level 0 have options to buy different products which have different ccaps. Once they buy the product using a paypal button created using the level 1 code generator with a ccap, they get upgraded to level 1. Then they are signed up to an aweber list through API and should have access ONLY to the ccap product they paid for. The product access page has level 1 and ccap in the page level restrictions.

Should that page have level 1 as a restriction? not sure…

Right now the content they have available after paying pops up a button only paid buyers can see but this code is letting level 1 persons access all ccap pages.
Here is the short code I am using for the buttons:

Button for product1 more info

[s2If current_user_is(s2member_level0)]
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Button for product 1 with ccap 1

[s2If current_user_is(s2member_level1)] AND current_user_can(access_s2member_ccap_1)
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I have uploaded an image file showing thebutton-ccap-code S2 code since we can’t see it very well if written directly here.

Hi @marieleo…your square bracket is just in the wrong place:

[s2If current_user_is(s2member_level1)] AND current_user_can(access_s2member_ccap_1)

should be:

[s2If current_user_is(s2member_level1) AND current_user_can(access_s2member_ccap_1)]

Thanks Tim…I did solve the problem by using short code, if current user cannot and if current user can to do the same thing…had I known that bracket was wrong, it would have saved me a lot of work…