Move to Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberMouse or OptimizeMember

Hi all - I want to move from S2Member Pro to something that works “out of the box” with SamCart. That would be:

Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass, MemberMouse or OptimizeMember.

Does anyone have any experience making the switch? My site is simple, it only has one membership level, about 10 protected pages and 100 or so members.


As it turns out, it looks simpler to stay with S2member. I just need a developer to help it work with SamCart.

FYI - OptimizeMember is no longer being developed nor sold.

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Hi Ryan.

Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with to do that.


I would be interested in hiring you. I only need integration between the two, such that:

If Subscription A is purchased in SamCart, grant access to Membership A in S2member
If a subscription A is canceled, revoke access to Membership A in S2Member.

Subscription A could be monthly billing, yearly billing or one-time payment for lifetime access (So, I guess technically it would be different subscriptions).

Email/Aweber - My SamCart, Aweber and S2Mmber are already connected. I believe after the SamCart/S2member that SamCart will handle all email notifications, but I am unsure how that works. Will need your help understanding the flow.

Thoughts? How would we proceed?

Since s2 uses WP user roles, maybe there’s an existing Samcart to Zapier to WP integration that updates user roles?

I found this in a web search. IDK if it works, but it might be a start.

You’d also have to write zaps for when to end access/change role again (payment declined, membership cancelled, etc.)

Nice! Great find.Thanks. SamCart seems to have deep integrations with Zapier. Even so, I will likely want to have Christian or Krum or someone else set it up for me.

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