Mobile Redirect exclusion

I’m using a WP EMR plugin to get all mobile devices on the mobile site before hitting the desktop site. However it works for a little while and then stop, as soon as I clear the cache it works fine for awhile again. Is this something I need to setup agent exclusions? What’s the best practice for this?

We recommend using the Mobile Mode feature in this scenario, which maintains a separate cache for the mobile version of the site. This is a Pro-only feature available with Comet Cache Pro, which you can preview by clicking the “Pro Preview” button in Comet Cache → Plugin Options. Here’s a screenshot:

Would this work if the mobile site is in another directory? Desktop and Mobile are two complete separate sites.

Hmm, do you mean the mobile site is a separate WordPress installation? Comet Cache operates on the WordPress level, so if you have one WordPress site with, for example, a theme or a plugin that serves two versions of the site, one for mobile and one for desktop, then the Comet Cache Mobile Mode feature should handle caching both versions fine. If they’re separate sites, then you’d need to install Comet Cache on both sites…