Missing Credentials for a Pro License Key

I took over managing a website which uses s2Member pro. I am getting prompted with the following information on our dashboard:

Your s2Member Pro Add-on must be updated to v191022.
Please log in at s2Member.com for access to the latest version.

Or upgrade automatically using your s2Member.com username & license key..

As I mentioned, I took over the management of this website, and the people who set up the s2Member dashboard have left the organization and are not answering any emails requesting information.

What do I do next? We have a lot of members set up with this program - going to a new program or buying a new membership is not in the cards right now. I attempted to find a way to contact support, but I’m not finding any assistance topics.

Thanks in advance for the help!

It is not clear if you are the owner of the website or employed by the website owner. It is also not clear if the website owner previously purchased the s2member pro plugin or if a 3rd-party managed the site and purchased the plugin in their name

If you paid for the s2member pro plugin then simply log into your account to get your credentials and enter them in the WordPress admin and your one-button-press update will be restored.

If the plug-in was purchased by a supplier then the account is in the supplier’s name and the website owner is no longer eligible for updates. The site owner would need to purchase the pro plugin.

NOTE: I don’t work for s2member…just a long time user who knows the T&Cs. @clavaque has taken over the plugin. This reply will ping him and hopefully he might be able to help you further.