Migration To IIS

I have been running S2Member for a year with ISP using Linux OS.

I have attempted to migrate to new ISP. This is running IIS on Windows server

Backed up and restored WP MySQL database. Copied the file structure under Public_html from old to new.

All working okay except 1 thing. I can not download files from s2member-files. 404 File not found error. Control Panel File manager permissions appear fine.

I am thinking that this may be a .HTACCESS type problem as I notice S2member even has a specific one for Downloads.

Is anyone aware of this as an issue and if so what is the workaround, guessing foe using web,config file?

Personally, moving from a Linux hosting provider to an IIS one sounds like more effort than it’d ever be worth.

Hi Chris.

I don’t have experience with IIS, but from what you describe, I also suspect the .htaccess. I believe IIS doesn’t have that, I think it’s called web.config there, so you’re missing the rewrite rules for the URIs… You’d need to figure out how to implement that in IIS, and translate the s2 rules from the .htaccess.


I hope that helps! Please let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Just catching up and I decided not to use IIS as the effort involved was greater than it should be.

Shame that a product is OS bound .