Migration of all s2member database

hi there, i humbly seek for your kind advice
in short, i am using siteground staging and during the making of staging site, i have around 20 paid users signed up

before i push my staging site to live, i need to migrate these users or, migrate the whole database of live users to my staging site

i tried some plugins but it only migrate the user email, name id and etc. but didnt migrate their s2member details such as EOT and custom capabilities and level

may i know is there good ways to do so pls?

Just export from one and then import it to the other.

thanks Sonja
i just tired and see that it doesnt export password…

I usually just dump and restore the entire database and then search/replace, if needed (e.g. domain change) using wp cli.

It doesn’t seem to be an s2-specific question.

Here’s how WP says to do it: https://wordpress.org/support/article/moving-wordpress/