Migrating members to a fresh install of wordpress

I am migrating my subscribing members over to a clean install of wordpress and s2member (using paypal pro).

To migrate members i am using the basic export function, and including all details there.

My question is:

What options (if any) in the advanced export feature of s2member will I need to migrate in order for s2member to have everything it needs to manage the members (payments, cancellations eot’s etc) accounts correctly?

For example should I migrate sign up vars?

Any help would be much appreciated!


S2Member has tools for both export and importation of member data. Just remember to use the format that’s friendly for reimportation.

The plugin should handle your tables properly that way, better than doing that manually. Maybe you can make a backup first, then try it, see if it works. If it doesn’t, roll back. :wink:

Yep. True. I’m familiar with the way it works.

I’m just unsure of the data that s2member needs to communicate efficiently with paypal for my existing customers. I want to make sure they are migrated smoothly.

I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything by just using the basic import.

I believe you need to first set up s2member with your paypal information (auth key etc)

Then you import your users.

Then you check if your premium users have their PayPal’s subscription IDs properly imported by checking a couple of them manually.

If it matches (and everything else like subscription level etc) you should be good to go.

Otherwise, you’ll need to so something else, but let’s go there only if needed (unlikely) :grin:

ALWAYS make a manual backup before any sort of batch database processing via sql or wordpress plugin, please.

Try to have some fun along the way. If I could learn enough to keep my site running, you probably can too (if you have enough time, otherwise hire a dev, sorry for being a bit raw).