Metered billing to charge members on usage

I’m evaluating s2member and I would gladly appreciate any input, since I couldn’t find an answer to this question in the forum nor on Google.

We need to charge members based on their usage. Stripe supports this. Does this also work in s2member? The value for the usage (i.e. amount of oranges consumed) comes via an API.

Hi Leon.

I know that metered billing is supported by Stripe, but it hasn’t been added to the s2Member integration yet. The current integration is from before that Stripe feature, if I’m not mistaken. I’m working on updating the integration, but to add SCA support which is the highest priority right now, and will not add new features with this release. I do plan to improve it with more features in the future, though.

s2Member manages access by time, not uses, except for downloads. So this is a feature that needs to be added before it can be sold.