Merging membership sites together (with Stripe attached)

I am looking to merge several membership sites together into one. Currently, each site has active subscriptions running through Stripe. Does anyone know what I would need to do in order to keep these subscriptions running properly without interruption when I Import the new members?

Also, has there been a solution to transferring passwords or do members need to create new ones on the new website?


It’s not so much that this needs a “solution” as that it’s not possible using regular WordPress functionality. The point is that passwords are hashed (i.e. subject to one-way encryption); if you pass a password to another site, the (already hashed) password will get hashed again, and so won’t match.

There is a way round this, which involves inserting the password directly into the database of the new site without going via WordPress functions. You could probably do this most easily using the REST API and a specific meta field. (I do this a lot.) But this requires custom code and it’s not a simple job.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback and info.

About the subscriptions, they’ll keep going over at the payment gateway. What you may have trouble with is s2Member updating the user’s access when the subscription ends.

If you’re using Stripe, you’ll need to update the webhook in your dashboard. And you may still have an issue with the “custom value”, which is the site’s domain name, so there would be a mismatch between the new site and what the subscription’s meta has.

If using PayPal, you’ll need something else, because the notification URL is on a subscription basis. You’ll need a forwarder that relays the notification to the new address.

If you have an s2Member Pro license, in your Account page you’ll find a link to an Extras download. In it there used to be a sample script for the forwarder.

The same could be tweaked to help with the custom value for Stripe if needed, I think.



Cristián, I so appreciate all of the follow-up. I am using stripe and have an s2 member pro license. I’ll pass along all of the info to the team working on the move as they ran into an issue with it. So this is really helpful :slight_smile:

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You can just change the IPN or add an additional IPN at Stripe. For paypal you do need to forward. Stripe however stops sending IPN if you 301 to another address!

The custom domain value is more complicated though…