Menu displaying all of the pages, not just the specified ones

I recently downloaded the free version of S2 Member and I am seeing that whenever I log in, my site looks normal, but the problem occurs when I logout. When I do log out, instead of not seeing any of the pages because of setting the page restrictions, I’m seeing all of the pages in my menu. I end up with a giant list of all of the pages I’ve created rather than just the pages I have on my menu and I’ve set up S2 member and made sure to page restrict whatever I don’t want showing. I have tried almost every possible solution to fixing this problem such as deactivating all of my plugins and then reactivating them one by one (the problem occurs when I reactivate the S2 member plugin), removing my cache, etc… I am out of ideas on what I could do to solve this problem, so if anyone has had a similar issue or might know why this is happening on my site, would love any help I could get.

Hi Rahul.

Let me see if I understand: you protected some pages with s2Member, and don’t want them shown in the navigation?

Or you created a custom menu and it’s showing every page instead of the ones you specified?

Does that happen with the default theme, or a custom one?

Have you customized this setting? WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options > Alternative View Protection