Memberships not downgraded

Annual membership created on 10/23/19
Successful on 2020, 2021
Failed on 10/23/22
Stripe Cancelled subscription

As of today, membership is still active an annual

How do we debug this?

Likely the Cron job deleted itself. Happens every few months. Reset in PayPal options

I’m using Stripe. I assume you meant turn it off in EOT, save changes, and then turn it back on and save again?


The Cron Job can only be set in Paypal options, no matter what your using for payment - if unset it’s blank instead of delete on EOT.

No idea why that would be, especially if the same option appears in Stripe Options / EOT

However,. I set up a separate cron job every hour for "

I don’t see how it would hurt to use both methods and have the cron job as a backup just in case.

Vincent, did that happen with only one or a few users, or with all users lately?

I think Felix is talking about this behavior:

Could you check that your EOT options didn’t get reset?

Failed on 10/23/22
Stripe Cancelled subscription
As of today, membership is still active an annual

Until when is his paid time? Access continues until the end of paid time, isn’t revoked at time the subscription was ended. Does the user have an EOT time set on his profile? He should, because the subscription ended.

If he doesn’t have a time set, then it could mean that s2 ignored that webhook, and it would mention so in the s2 logs.

If it was ignored, you can try resending the Stripe webhook. Then check the s2 log again. If still ignored, please give me the details of the webhook’s log, and s2’s log.


No, that wasn’t it.

Customer created an annual subsription on 10 / 20 / 2019

Stripe tried a few times to capture funds before giving up on 10/30/2019.

It was Novemeber and he was still an Annual member. I downgraded him manually to a free member. EOT is blank now, I don’t know if it was set before, but there is nothing there now.
I can’t go far enough to see webhooks. I’ll have to monitor this at the next billing fail to see.

Did you migrate servers recently? Years ago, I did and noticed about 6 months later that subscriptions weren’t canceling due to server configuration. No customers complained because their time was extended :). Probably not your issue, but it’s the closest thing I’ve experienced.