Membership Upgrade User Experience Flow Flaw?

From a functionality and UX perspective, there’s a potential for subscruiption signup/processing issues.

If a user desires to upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2 within their EOT period (for ex lets say they started Level 1 on Jan 1st and unsubsribed on Jan 15, the EOT is still set to Jan31).

As of now, you’d technically have to have both the Unsubscribe and Level 2 Subscribe button on the same page in which of course you’ll have some users who will accidentally just click on the subscribe button even if you put instructions and this I’m guessing will cause issues, or will it?

What happens if a Level 1 user who still has EOT left, just clicks the Level 2 subscribe button?

The problem has to do with how s2 handles EOT because when a user unsubscribes, the EOT is still set to expire in X days and so technically they are still a Level 1 until they click the Level 2 subscribe button but again what would happen if they didn’t initially click Unsubscribe but instead clicked Level 2 subscribe?

When they unsubscribe, is there something/flag/setting that I can plug into that tells me that they did in fact unsubscribe (even though EOT still has time left) where I can then display the Level 2 Subscribe button accordingly. As of now, they’d see both unsubscribe and Level 2 subscribe buttons.