Membership form for existing accounts and renewal

Hi All,

I have tried searching and am not sure if there is any way to do this. I know we can setup custom fields to be filled out at registration.

But does anyone know If we manually create free (level 0) accounts for our users, is there any way to force them to fill out the registration form on their first login?

I am basically trying to setup a process where we can force a user to fill out and/or update the registration form on a renewal, upgrade etc.

Any thoughts?

I wonder if you need another plugin for that purpose.

When a user first creates an account (even if free / level 0) they have to fill the registration form (which won’t include payment information if the user isn’t registering for a paid tier).

I don’t know how you can force users to update their information from time to time or even if you change a flag on their profiles or something like that (if I understood what you’re trying to do correctly).

There must be plugins designed for this specific purpose.