Members not transitioning back to level 0

everything seems to be set correctly by paypal with correct EOT being set, etc (see screenshot image), but s2 not transitioning users to level 0 when EOT reached. am using ccaps to give users access to content… any ideas why this is not happening appreciated, thanks

another thing to note - when this happened before, I manually set the EOT to + 2 minutes and 5 mins later it hadn’t transitioned…

can anyone from s2member help please?

I’ve been running the plugin “crontrol”, which lists all the jobs that run periodically, and I noticed that S2Member EOT check runs every 10 minutes, so that could explain why nothing happened in your last example.

thanks Eric, but it hasn’t transitioned days later… and just tried it again, set to + 15 minutes, no change…

Another possibility is that you don’t have the EOT checking activated.
In Admin Panel, go to: S2 PayPal Options / Automatic EOT Behavior. The first box should be “Yes, enable the Auto-EOT system”.

that worked, thanks Eric!

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