Member unable to login; endless spinning wheel


I have been using S2Member for several years and rarely encounter an issue with it. But I have one lone user who has had the same problem twice now. I was able to replicate the problem with her login details. I try to log in to S2Member through my website, and the spinning wheel indicating processing a request just spins forever. Nothing happens. I can log in fine with my own details, and so can everyone else. If i delete her account and create a new one with the same username, the problem recurs. The only solution I found is to keep making new usernames for her. This solves the problem for about a month. Any idea what on earth could cause this lone user to have this problem? It must not be on her end, as I can replicate the problem on my end as well. Thanks!



Hi Jared.

That’s a very weird behavior. I can’t remember others reporting it in the past.

So if you create another account with the same username or a different username, the problem still comes back, but only for that person?

It sounds like a WordPress thing. The login authentication and session is handled by WordPress, even if s2 customizes the look for it a bit.

Is this login via s2Member’s login form, or WordPress’ wp-login? Could you share a link to the login form?