Member Galleries

I am looking for a way to have members upload and share images to a shared gallery that other users can see. I would like to create events (ex. Holiday Party) and then members can add images to this event gallery.

I am currently using Envira lite plugin to create galleries and upload images - This works good from an admin perspective, but it does not have the ability for registered users to upload images to a given album.

Any recommendations or approaches to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

I am using S2 Member Pro

Thank you

s2 doesn’t provide that capability.

I’d ask the gallery developer how to allow your users to post in it too.

If it’s a WP capability, you may be able to edit the s2Member level role to have it.


There are very few front-end loading galleries. All the galleries plugins we find are for admin. I found one on Envato but still waiting for the author to update the demo, as he said it was not his priority anymore.

I sure would love to find one option too!