Manually change membership level without affecting billing

I recently added more membership levels to my site to better organize the members.

If I manually change the membership/access levels in the UI (not rename, change the level) will it affect the billing plan that was originally set by the user via paypal-pro forms or will it continue to bill and terminate as if I did not alter the access level.

The members will technically have access to all the same material, I am organizing for purpose of different email lists and buddypress groups.

Thank you if anyone know the answer to this question,


Hello Michael, did you work this out? I am having a similar issue, want to create a new level 2 to replace the existing one - which means the existing level 2 subscribers become level 3. But, I don’t want to make changes if it mess up existing billing arrangements. Thanks a lot, Roger

Hi Roger.

The subscription is managed by the payment gateway, and it’s not aware of what level the user has on the site. You can change the user’s access on your site, and the subscription will keep going without changes. When the subscription ends, then s2 will apply whatever you configured as the EOT behavior.

Does that clarify it?

I suggest you also do a test, to see the behavior with your own experience and have certainty on what will happen. You can create a 50 cent daily subscription for level 1 with a test signup, and then change the level to 2 and wait for the next subscription payment to come in next day.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Good morning Cristian, that’s very helpful, as are your other 2 messages. So, I am confident the existing subscriptions will not be impacted and can move forward with refining my levels. Certainly will test them as you suggest too. Thanks again, Regards, Roger

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