Managing levels higher than 4

I have a new install of s2memeber Pro running. I have configured 4 levels beyond subscriber, restricted/protected pages, created paypay buttons, edited user levels in the WP admin interface. All going well.

Now, I now have added the line: define(“MEMBERSHIP*LEVELS”, 8); to wp-config.php to expand levels of membership and security to 8. That is, I have membership levels of Individual, Supporting, Patron, Lifetime, Manager, Board member, etc.

I now want to manage levels 5 and higher like the first four, but don’t see how.
When using General options and Page Restrictions for these higher levels, the UI only shows first 4 levels.

I also like an Admin to edit a user and assign a role level higher than 4, but the WP edit user UI does not show additional levels beyond 4.

Did my define(“MEMBERSHIP*LEVELS”, 8) not take? Or, are there some tutorials on how to manage s2member level greater than 4?

That seems to have a typo: should be an underscore instead of an asterisk in the name.